Friday, April 16, 2010

finger knitting

bryce and I were having a conversation last night and he said, we don't pass down knowledge anymore, we just google it... and while I didn't totally disagree with him, I guess I am still from the generation of people who learned things from their grandparents. and I like to think that I will be able to pass talents onto my grandchildren.
one of the many things I learned from my nanna was finger knitting, but I must admit it took a prompt from the world wide web for me to remember that skill. thanks to katherine over at making chicken salad, it's a skill I can now pass onto my grandchildren :)
I made some of these for Melita's party to hang round the room, out of a really cheap multi coloured ball of acrylic from wallmart, and I was really happy with how they turned out. it's a great way to pass the time on road trips, or when you just can't keep your hands still (does everyone have this problem?)


  1. wow this is really cool. I have never seen or known anyone that does finger-knitting. I personally learned how to needle-knit & sew from my Grams and mom and will pass that down to future generations (whenever there is a future generation, lol). BTW - just found your blog through a friend's blog post and I really enjoy. :)

    Bre @

  2. my grandma loved handbags and fabrics (she loved tailor made clothes).. i'm no fashionista but I can always teach my little ones and generations to come to shop! haha

  3. That is an awesome idea for a garland! AND for roadtrips! It reminds me of those little mushroom knitters that make the same kind of yarn tube; my sister and I would roll the tubes up in a spiral and sew them into little rugs for our dolls.

  4. Oh! I used to know how to was the cool thing to do for all the girls after school when I was in middle school. I would make little scarfs for all my stuffed animals - gosh that sounds so lame now!

    My grandma taught me how to make KILLER guacamole and salsa, among other things. She's an awesome cook. And my grandpa tried to teach me how to golf when I was younger, but it wasn't too successful :)

  5. @ Bre: just checked out your esty store and wow, they taught you well! love those ottomans, would love to do a post all about them! :)

    @OJ: love that you turned it into a shopping thing... so like you - but I know you have many more talents than shopping!

    @Anna: oh I had a Knitting Nancy as a kid, and it was kind of like those mushroom things - but it came in a tighter rope like thing, and haha, I totally made little rugs too :P

    @Amie: scarves for stuffed animals doesn't sound lame at all - they might get cold necks :P love guacamole! who taught you to paint though?

  6. I love finger knitting! It's so easy that even pretty tiny kids can do it. I remember feeling awesome when my sister showed me how to do it.


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