Thursday, April 1, 2010

demo is fun

the conversation went a bit like this:

Melita: we're going to Hollywood Farmer's Market next weekend, wanna come?
me: cool, where's that?
Melita: in Hollywood, LA
me: we really need to get stuck into the house, we keep going away and come back, look at the house and feel guilty about not getting anywhere...
Melita: that's how I feel everyday even with a hammer in my hand
me: you're crazy, you need to look at your before and during pics, you'll be amazed at your progress...

so here are some photos I took when we went to Melita's house in February, to remind her, how much they've actually done (oh and how silly we got at the end of that day)

we walked into this
girls with power toolsboys with hammers
then crazy people and the continuous shooting mode on my camera...

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