Thursday, March 18, 2010

powdery skiing last week

here's some photos from last week's trip to the snow, this time to Kirkwood (near Tahoe). the drive up there was beautifulthe sun was shiningand it was time to get back on my new skiswe couldn't have asked for better weatherLexie and Bryce at the top of the mountain (Hannah took this pic on her phone, since I was too chicken to go up at this point... and you can see why I might be chicken...
I preferred to ski with little people like this cute little dudeHere's Bryce (laying down), Lexie (with her hands in the air), Hannah (kneeling) and Ken (my very cool boss in the foreground)
the snow started falling sunday afternoon
which meant gorgeous conditions for Monday!
and there was nobody on the slopes
sunshine and lots of snow
here's a video I took of me enjoying the powdery snow

me as cyclops
and by Tuesday I made it to the very top of the mountain
where the views were spectacular!


  1. So jealous! Part of the reason I moved to Colorado was to snowboard each weekend... and by the time I left for Chicago, I hadn't gone in a year. I miss it so much! What fun :)

  2. I love your pictures! GORGEOUS! I need to go skiing one of these days...


  3. I'm so jealous! I would love to be skiing right now...except for where I live, it's over 80 degrees right now. Hot! But lovely.

    I have new K2 skis too! But mine are from last year's line.

  4. Love the video!! Next time we're definitely going with you guys!


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