Thursday, March 4, 2010

No more wall-less dungeon

Now it's a walled in dungeon and it's getting better every single day! Here's the drywall hoister-thingy that holds the drywall on the ceiling so you can screw it in without killing your back. This was a GREAT investment for the day and saved lots of time.
Here's Cody hard at work helping to install the drywall. He has been an amazing partner throughout this whole reno process and has done such a great job getting our house fixed up. Without his help and support this would have been an ordeal, rather than an adventure.
I love you, Cody!!! It was 1:00am and we powered through hanging the drywall on the walls and ceiling in the living room. Cody and I were beyond exhausted, but somehow Jason gets happier and more energetic as the night wears on. I suspect if we had been up for it he would have stayed up to finish the job, but we said "tomorrow!!"

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