Friday, March 5, 2010

More pictures of walls

I know I keep posting pictures of walls, but it's just so exciting! we have some finishing work to get done this weekend and then will have the plaster applied next week.
Here is the kitchen as seen from the dining area. The island is going in where that
yellow thingy is and the oven and cooktop will be against the back wall. The appliance are my pride and joy and I am dying to get them in so I can cook!
Hi Cody! Thanks for being a trooper! (someone has not been happy about staying up till all hours hanging drywall, but he's sure going to be happy when it's all finished and he can watch his enormous, gigantic, awesome television.)
Unholy Mess redux
Here is Jason installing the very last ceiling panel - happiness!
The amazing lighting shining on Cody taking a break.

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