Monday, March 15, 2010

monday monday

must admit I am feeling a little deflated today... after a big weekend and with daylight savings kicking in and having to get up a whole hour earlier, the coffee is just not cutting it today.

we had a jam packed weekend of yard work, a park date, housework, saw Shutter Island, went for a bike ride, and a crab feed for a local school, where I won $625!!! woohoo! :D

whatever shall I spend it on???

photo above taken the day after melita's party, this is the view from my bed - when I woke up this balloon was just hovering in the hallway, kind of eerie but very cool...


  1. Hi Kate, thanks for your msg about the moving business. I read your post about the Shasta House - how awful! It really is a horrible time. I just want to get it over and done with and start decorating but there are many more painful stages to get through first. You're right about needing to go to the spa to relax :)

  2. You won $625???

    I would definitely go shopping...It would be gone in about 20 minutes. ha!

  3. I did Amie! and I spent some last night - and the rest is going to a flashy new pair of sunglasses :D can't wait!


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