Tuesday, March 30, 2010

metrically speaking

last week bryce got an early birthday surprise, that I am very proud to say I didn't give away... I usually suck at holding it in and end up giving gifts early since I just can't wait, but this one was a surprise till the end.

I told him that he needed to leave work early and that I would pick him up from work, he didn't realise that there would be a crowd of us and that we were going to see one of our favourite bands :)

the night started at the home of chicken and waffles which I must say I was very intrigued about - were they waffles with chicken inside? but no, fried chicken and waffles side by side on a plate... weird combo, but it was pretty good.
the mac and cheese was particularly good!
hannah had fried chicken, mac and cheese, collard greens and cornmeal bread
then we were off to the fox theater (an awesome venue) to see Metric who were fantastic! bryce and I saw them in Toronto (where they are from) in 2005, when we lived there and have loved them ever since.

me & christina
hannah & i (and some random smiling lady in the background)
cody & melita (giving me the don't take any more photos of me look...) :P
bryce & me
if you're not familiar with metric's music here are a few of my faves. emily's voice is amazing!

an oldie but a goodie
my all time favourite, which they ended the concert with.
buy metric music here


  1. Ohhhh I adore Metric! Wow, what a huge venue - I saw them in Denver a few years ago, there were only about 40 people there!

  2. yeah, I guess they're pretty mainstream these days... they still rock!


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