Thursday, April 1, 2010

happy birthday Olivia!

it's my dear friend Olivia's birthday today, yes she is an April fool - and I am sure never tires about hearing this every single birthday...

Olivia is married to Jon, who Bryce and I met in Toronto on a rooftop pub, one summery evening, and Jon and Olivia (both fellow aussies) met in Toronto at a lunch I was supposed to be at, but couldn't make... I think it was fate... it was pretty much love at first site, but they both played it cool for a while and we all hung out together having great times in Toronto, exploring, partying and playing buzz.

they were married in September 2008 in the most romantic scenic wedding in Tuscany and today Olivia is spending her birthday with a pregnancy glow that makes you want to puke! she is the most beautiful pregnant woman I have seen...

anyway my dear Olivia, I hope you have a wonderful birthday, that Jon (the gourmet) cooks you a fantastic dinner and that you get to sit on a lovely rooftop in New York and watch the world go by around you.

Miss you


here we are on the canal in Venice (it was hard for me to find a photo of her without Jon stuck to her hip...)


  1. Awww thanks thanks thanks Kate!!! Don't you wish we Could all just live in Italy for a bit!!
    X liv

  2. YES!!! or should I say si! :)


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