Monday, March 22, 2010

goodbye little potting shed

getting out of bed this morning was hard... harder than usual for a monday... because I am sore all over from doing hard labour all weekend. not that I am complaining at all, as I would much rather get exercise by doing something practical and much more rewarding than going to a gym and sharing a sweat filled room with about 300 others... we took advantage of the yearly city clean up campaign and had a very productive weekend indeed!

so it was goodbye to our little potting shed that was attached to our garage, and although I found it very useful for storing my pots, gardening tools and supplies, the poor thing was old and rotting and home to many a rat it seems, who liked to take the oranges from the tree then camp out in the shed and eat the insides out.... eeewk!
we plan to make a new and improved version once we've cleaned up this area
but for now we just have to figure out how to get these metal poles out (which I think were a clothesline in their day) out, as they are solidly concreted into the ground - jackhammer time here we come!

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