Thursday, March 25, 2010

bag it up

who knew that grocery bags could be so pretty? baggu make these gorgeous ripstop nylon bags modelled on the old school plastic bag but so much prettier, environmentally friendly and machine washable - what more could you want in a shopping bag? and because they are so lightweight, you can stash them in your handbag so you have one handy each time you go to the store. the hardest part is deciding which colours to buy...


  1. I love baggu! I haven't found them in any shops in England, but keep meaning to order a couple online. The colours are fab.

  2. I've been using Blue Avocado bags and I love them. They come in tons of different sizes but my favorite is the 'stuff n' go' bags, which fold into themselves to form a little compact ball. I love their kiwi wildflower pattern!

  3. love that blue stripey one!

    these reminded me of some zip bags I came across last year, they're really cool! Made entirely out of a very long zip!


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