Tuesday, February 9, 2010

with glowing hearts - 3 days to the Vancouver Olympics

only 3 days till the Winter Olympics start in Vancouver and I am really excited! I am not really into watching sports on tv, but the Olympics are always fun and although I haven't seen too many winter games (being as Australian's are more the Summer Olympic types - with all those strong swimmers and the like) this time I am really into it!!! Seeing that 1. we were temporary Canadians, 2. we live so close now and 3. Bryce and I were in Vancouver a few years ago and saw them building the luge (which I hear you can go try it out yourself once they're done with it (SCARY)... but have you heard of the Skeleton???!!!
this looks straight out silly to me!
I wish we could go up to Vancouver and see the opening ceremony, but tickets are crazily priced! so instead we'll just have to live vicariously through our friends Anthony & Jamie (Jamthony) who are living there and Anthony is working on the Olympic project... yay!

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