Thursday, February 4, 2010

the welcome experiment

doesn't the nature of the world wide web just boggle your mind? every day I stumble upon a new link that then leads to me another and another and there are so many worlds out there that are made so accessible thanks to those 3 little www's...

have you seen Nie & Me for example? where 2 women from very different backgrounds and opposite sides of the world share a daily photo of their lives? I love the way blogging lets you collect, share and learn anything you want, about people from all walks of life - it's like a virtual welcome!

that said, Melita and I want to try a little social experiment that involves YOU and your front door. Send us a photo of your front door, and we'll post it here on flufflefritz and we'll link back to your blog. then when your front door is featured you post about it on your blog and let's see how many front doors from around the world we can look into.
Here are mine from Santa Clara, California, USA - we currently have 2 front doors, which we are hoping to change with the remodel. The brown door is the official front door that leads into the hallway entryway, and the white one opens straight into the kitchen which is great for unloading groceries - but a little odd...)

send us an email by clicking on our photos on the right side here, with your front door and which city you're in.

and welcome!

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