Wednesday, February 17, 2010

valentines long weekend road trip - sunday brunch

here's the view we woke up to on Valentines day :) the beach was right behind these trees (look how cute that little caravan is on the end)which looked like thisbut to Cooper's disgust, was a no dogs allowed beach :(
I fired up the stove to make us a delicious breakfast (if I do say so myself)
bananas pan fried in butter with a bit of brown sugar
love heart pancakes
(double awww)
and viola! banana and raspberry love heart pancakes :)
Bryce (with nice hair) was apparently still hungry...
and here is my love heart lens attempt - which didn't turn out like expected, but hey, I got something else I hadn't bargained for... I am going to try this again, but I think I got the heart too close to the lens, the heart was too big, and I forgot to take the auto focus off (and only took one piece of black card to make it). we'll see what happens when I try again :)
(ok I'll stop with the love hearts now...)

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