Wednesday, February 17, 2010

valentines long weekend road trip - saturday

I did mention that I took 600 photos over the long weekend, so thought it best to break these posts down into days - Here's how the weekend started...

instead of leaving Friday night and missing the gorgeous views along the way we decided to kick back, order some take out and watch the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday night and leave first thing Saturday...quick photo op of the roses bryce bought me for Valentine's and we were on our wayMcKenzie decided that this was the place to be... she adores Bryce (and although he won't admit it, her adores her too...)
and then she thought this was the perfect place to rest her head... awww
quick self portrait :)
one of the many things I love about living in northern California is that we are so close to so many gorgeous wineries
and beautiful rolling hills... in pretty much any direction you go
after a few hours on the road, we stopped at this cute little store, after Jane, our GPS, steered us in the wrong direction (bad jane)
Cooper: 'are we there yet?'
McKenzie: 'huh, what's going on?' (she's a bit of a ditz the poor love...)
so heading in the right direction we continued south
and I kept snapping pics along the way...
as the sun set we decided to find a place to park the camper for the night
and landed in Cayucos, and after Coop & McKenzie had frolic on the beach
we walked around the cute little town
we found a campsite (on the beach), grilled up some sausages, sipped some wine, and called it a night...


  1. holy bologna, your photos are INCREDIBLE! love. the scenery, the dogs... your gorgeous hair!


  2. ps. what are you doing up at this hour?

  3. hey gorgeous pics and hair!
    have you done up the inside of caravan.. i'd love a tour.


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