Friday, February 19, 2010

valentines long weekend road trip - doggy beach sunday

on Sunday after brunch and Cooper's utter disappointment about not being able to get onto the beach we'd camped at, we headed a mile or so down the road to a lovely doggy beach, where we met this cutie. Cooper went straight to the water!
the weather was magical and love was in the air... :) I had to take this photo of this couple sitting on the tree watching the waves by themselves, I imagined that they'd been married for 26 years and this is something they like to do on valentines day...Cooper is a total water dog and McKenzie is not really that into it... except when she falls in (check the face plant here, poor thing)but she sprung back to leap out (love the mid-air snap I got of her here) weeethey really are the best of budsus too really :)Cooper just dying to get in and go for a real swim - moments later a huge wave nearly took him out to seadigging is more McKenzie's with the treewhich made the most comfy bed...bryce's turn with the tree...sand + sunshine + water = 1 happy cooper

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