Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Total Devastation! Hooray!

I went home last night to meet Cody and our friend, Jason, who was on hand to help make sure we didn't electrocute ourselves while removing the oven and Jason said, "You know, once this is out we could demo the whole kitchen in about an hour." So we went for it and now are ahead of schedule for getting the cabinets and walls torn out. The house looks weird and awesome at the same time. It's a horrible mess, but we really see the potential awesomeness now and it's very exciting. Tonight is cleanup and cement shopping and this Saturday we're scheduled to rip a hole in the floor and pour concrete! Here are some photos of the demolition along with some extreme cabinet ripping video.
Above is the pantry door where we all measured our height (Kate and Bryce included!). I plan to keep these two doors and put them somewhere special (maybe in the garden) since my aunt's height is on one of the doors along with the rest of us. It's a nice way for me to see that she was able to come over and play with us every once in a while.

It looks so naked! Off with the white formica counter tops!All the bottom cabinets have been torn out. FYI, many gross and crusty things were discovered beneath these boxes. I will spare you the images but, trust me, it was bad. Jason Avery in action with a crow bar and Cody making sure this thing doesn't land on his head.Last bit of cabinetry to go on this side of the kitchen! (We didn't do the side with the sink since a) we want to be able to use the sink until the very last minute and b) I didn't feel like doing the dishes that are still there stacked a mile high. Hmmmm, the first bit of damage on the living room wall. It looks so innocent.Here is where I started to worry about asbestos. Just look at the dust particles. Yo! Hi Cody!

As promised, above is the EXTREME CABINET RIPPING ACTION video.

And finally, the Unholy Mess.

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  1. wow, it looks so open and spacious! so exciting!!!


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