Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the secret's in the sauce

after our last fondue party, Bryce and I were kinda bummed that the meat didn't have a lot of flavour and finally figured out that the little white jars were not to load food in, but to put sauces to dip the meat once cooked in the broth... so this weekend we had a little impromptu fondue dinner with Cody and Melita.
lots of yummy vegies and fruit
lots of sauces (although next time I think we are going to try some home made sauces - I did say impromptu...)
mixed altogether
made for quite the delicious meal! oh, and the cheese fondue part was made from gorgonzola, swiss and monterey jack cheese which (if I must say myself) was quite delicious... :)


  1. I need to show this to my husband. He'll fall in love!

  2. My favorite was the dried apricot dipped into the sauce!

  3. Love fondue! it's the easiest most fun meal around these days :)


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