Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rocking with Bonnie

Love you Bonnie!!The mega screen! The lights and effects were amazing!
Our seats were behind the stage, but we were really close and
Bonnie's binoculars were so powerful I could see John's individual highlights.
When Bonnie asked if I wanted to go see Bon Jovi with her and of course I said "yes!" I bought the tickets a few months ago, put the date on my Blackberry, and thought we were all set. Unfortunately we forgot the correct day and both thought the concert was on a Tuesday, not a Monday so when I got a panicked voicemail from Bonnie this Monday letting me know we f'd the dates up I raced to get ready. Thankfully we were right on time and were even able to catch most of the opening act and had a grerat time watching the show. I only know a few of Bon Jovi's songs, but I do know how hot John Bon Jovi is from watching him in a few television shows. He's so cute!

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