Sunday, February 7, 2010

Melita's Round the World Tour of San Jose Birthday Scavenger Hunt

*note* this is a long post, so you might want to grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) before you sit down for this one...
Inspired by Paige, from Bash Events and her great idea on Design Sponge to do a bike ride scavenger hunt, Bryce and I organised a fun birthday party for Melita this weekend.A few weeks ago we started sending out the clues, and although it started out as a Bike riding scavenger hunt, we decided to change it to just a regular 'on foot' scavenger hunt as there was a 70% chance of rain... (it didn't rain...)
Everyone met at our place to kick it off, so we had fun decorating the house.
we divided the group into two teams and sent them off to Santana Row (a local outdoor shopping mall)
Bryce and I supervised each group, and gave them their first clue, and they were off!
A little slow to get started, once the teams started opening their clues the race was on!
Drake was a little unsure at first (pictured here with Mum, Michelle & Dad, Derek)
but we finally got a smile out of him
Melita quickly embraced the 'lie, cheat and steal' theme of the game using her phone to google the answers
Taylor, Bonnie and Cody from Team Red waiting for their beer to get their clue
Cody gets the beer and the clue
Melita realised she could steal the clues, which would give her team an advantage... but they'd already been to this spot - that face says it all!
Bonnie & Taylor find the 'Boot from Down Under' to get their next clue
Kelly apparently has a competitive streak and took the game very seriously (running at top speed in her heels) and being a Santana Row expert (translate to shopaholic perhaps?) didn't hurt either... :P
Kathy got one of the more obscure clues, while the rest of her team kept trying to figure it out
Taylor & his Guinness mustache
the clue here was 'Make a run for the Border and Czech it out' (Borders being a book store, and the clue was hidden in a book on Czechoslovakia)
Kelly and Taylor of team red kicking butt!
when team blue got this clue Melita started upending books trying to find the clue (total Amazing Race style)
but, there was no keeping up with Team Red
Michelle found the Boot from Down Under too
then Team Blue had to shoot some tequila for their final clue
then it was time to sing to the birthday girl - the last clue directed everyone to the cupcake store
Happy Birthday to you!
mmmm cake!
then party bags all round (Hannah modeling the swag)
these glasses were a hit
Kathy (Melita's Mum) and Melita (see the resemblance?) :P
like father like son...
Cody (so hot right now...)
and me (looking freaky...)
but we all agreed that Melita looked best in them... normal almost...
Dinner at Thea, a local Greek restaurant
which was delicious
and fun!
more cheese (pink vampire teeth - why of course)
Andre trying to master the art of blowing bubbles
more happy birthdays
and some baklava, with greek yogurt - YUM
and that is how we spent our saturday night!


  1. Thank you Kate and Bryce for organizing this amazing night!!! The best part was the stealing and cheating during the hunt :)

  2. Aww, I just saw this. How cool! So glad I inspired you. Looks like it was super fun.


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