Monday, February 1, 2010

a McKenzie Cozy

when we first got McKenzie, the weather turned cold, and when we went for morning walks her skinny little body would shudder against the cold... so one morning when it was kinda rainy I put Cooper's rain jacket on her. It really didn't fit her properly but I thought it was better than being wet and cold, but no... she really didn't like it - she would walk funny and wouldn't sit when we asked her, basically, she was just ashamed... so I decided that it was the size of the jacket and that it made a funny plasticy sound perhaps? so I bought a ball of wool and set out to make her a cute warm jacket that fit...tonight I finished it by adding the buttons.
not trying to make it too girly, I added a mohawk (mimicking the one she has on her back) and made it brown and redit seems to fit well
but... she hates it :(
look how dejected she looks (that is her tail tucked all the way up to her belly button)
I think this photo just totally sums it up... 'but, Why???'


  1. i love this so much. my favorite part is the fin on the back that mimics her mohawk. so funny.

  2. luckily, it is starting to grow on her :) Bryce took her for a walk this morning with it on and she paid no attention to it :D


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