Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Kitchen

Here are the last photos of the ceiling and drywall removal. Lat night was full of suckitude,
but at least we got partially through our list of to-do's.
I started to tackle the carpet, but we decided to leave it until the ceiling stuff was done so it could catch most of the debris. We're working on getting rid of the carpet and linoleum tonight. Again with the asbestos concerns..... Now the ceiling in the kitchen is gone. The view before the sense of being completely overwhelmed took control. A sea of dusty pink and grey insulation with no end in sight....I actually look short in this picture due to the massive amount of fluffy, dusty insulation......and viloa! Persistance and team work paid off! We filled countless bags, didn't fight, and got the floor cleaned up somewhat. Hooray Cody and Melita!!!
Now onto pulling nails out of the studs one by one.

I can't wait to see how it all turns out :)


  1. Brave, brave people. I would be completely useless! Even looking at your photos makes me panic just a little bit!

  2. Good work! I hope that insulation was non-fiberglass.....seeing as your stepping in it. This place is going to be so beautiful in a few months!!!


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