Friday, February 12, 2010

happy friday!

Bryce and I are packing up and heading to the hills this long weekend in the camper which should be lots of fun!

it seems like this weekend will be a busy Presidents Day Long weekend with the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics tonight, Chinese New Year's eve on saturday, and of course don't forget Valentine's Day on Sunday! phew - I'm exhausted just thinking about it all!

What are you getting up to?

I hope you all have a wonderfully romantically, fun filled weekend wherever you are!

this gorgeous photo here

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  1. cute response from Cathy, Bryce's mum :)

    Hi Kate & Bryce,

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Today I went to lunch at a cute and wonderful little restaurant with some of my workout friends. It was really nice and the food was great. Tomorrow we have been invited over to some friends for dinner. Sunday, we are going over to see Joe, Julee and the twins. I am making some Valentines Day cookies for them. In the evening, we are going to Bugattis for dinner with some of our golf friends. Lots of eating, but fun. Your flowers look beautiful!! Love reading all the flufflefritz entries. Talk to you soon.

    Love Cathy


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