Tuesday, January 5, 2010

wedding inspiration/ garland obsession

Bryce and I have been talking more about the wedding over the break and although we can't really decide on a time and place (minor details really...) we have started with things that we like, things we want etc. I really like the idea of garlands of lights and other random bits and pieces hanging from trees in a lovely garden...

I'm not sure if it's just the christmas giddiness still stuck with me, but I have had this total obsession with garlands for a while now, and have been finding pictures of them all over... but being the practical type I wasn't sure how I could use a garland... but now with a wedding to plan for - what better reason?! I was thinking we could use treasured memory pieces to make up these garlands and photos etc to make them really special - what do you think?
here are some garlands I found on flickr


  1. Kate - how exciting!! Have you guys set a date yet? This makes me want to plan my wedding and I'm not even engaged yet ;) xo

  2. yeah, it sounds exciting, but it is just so overwhelming trying to figure out the date and place, being that all my family is in Australia and Bryce's over here... so instead I'm just going to plan out all the fun stuff :)


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