Monday, January 25, 2010

mad about mad men

Bryce and I have been catching up on Mad Men after Chloe graciously lent us the first 2 seasons on dvd, and I must admit when she first offered them to me before the holidays I was like 'uh... ok sure... thanks?' I wasn't very keen on watching a show all about sexual harassment in the workplace and inequality, after all I am a woman in the corporate world... blah blah blah
well, we just finished Season 2 this weekend and I have to tell you I am totally in love and can't wait till Season 3 is released. I mean look at the details that go into this excellent drama - not only is each character superbly dressed for each and every scene, but each character has a complex story, with a darker side to keep you guessing...
and then there's the set, which makes me drool... filled with marvelous mid century modern wood panelling, couches, teak, vintage clocks, even the typewriters are just so cool!
I am still undecided as to my favourite female character - poor beautiful housewife to Don Draper - Betty, fiery redhead, kickarse office manager - Joan or sweet, smart as a whip, politically savvy - Peggy... they're all brilliant in their own ways... sigh.

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