Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'd rather be red, than dead in the head

So...I decided I needed a big change to start the new year and to kick the winter blahs in the groin. It seemed like a good idea to start with the hair. My hair has been growing slowly for years into a long shapeless and dry mess with jet black roots and frizzy blonds ends. I've been thinking about chopping it all off for a long time now, but since all my hair decisions are based on wine and are typically unplanned, I never made an appointment with an actual stylist. Instead, I threw a couple of boxes of Feria into the cart at Safeway and went home to dye my own hair a bright copper color. It came out evenly and I even gave myself a little haircut aka crouching in the bathroom sink hacking away at my bangs.
The inspiration for the color came from the many, many episodes of Mad Men that Cody and I have been watching. My favorite female character is Joan Harris, the office sexpot who is also talented and smart. I love her curves too - I never feel like I'm too fat when I see how she sashays across the office.
Happily, my hair turned out great! It was a beautiful bright red until 11:30PM the night before I had to go back to work after our break when I had a panic attack that it was TOO red and went back to Safeway to get a brown to tone the red down. So I'm only 1/2 a Joan now, but I still like the red.


  1. Is this you in the picture with the very final hair color result? Looks even and nice to me! But I'd love to see the very red version too :)

  2. me too! i want to see the very red version. bring it back!


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