Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i heart you dottie angel

dear dottie angel

thank you for being a great inspiration to me today. I came across your blog via flickr when I was searching for white painted fireplaces and wow! I spent the next hour or so (ok nearly 2 hours) oohing over your lovely images, pondering your fabulous sense of style and falling in love with your wonderful talented crafty projects. you have inspired me to set up my crafting area in my office so I can have everything I need to make all the pretty things I have in my head and saved to my hard drive :)

oh and olive is such a cutie!

xo kate

find out more about dottie angel here and visit her lovely blog here


  1. Wow! Such beautiful photos and home. I love white painted fireplaces and hopefully mine will be done soon! xo

  2. I know - am totally in love :) we want pics of painted fireplace pretty please :)


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