Monday, January 4, 2010

a Christmas story

the week before Christmas (yes, am a little behind on my blogging here...), Melita, Cody (Codita) and Bryce and I headed off to see A Christmas Story at the San Jose Rep Theatre, a play based on the iconic movie. I saw the movie for the first time last christmas and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised - not your usual sappy christmas story...

Before the show we decided to go for Chinese food - as they did in the movie, (Melita's great idea) so we went to Wing's, a seriously cute divey place oozing chinese vintage charm
Bryce and I are both tigers - beware the monkey!

unfortunately I didn't take a shot of the whole restaurant but here is the wallpaper that has lost most of its texture from years of people touching its velvetyness, but the cool part here is the buzzer - which you rang when you wanted service (I think they disconnected ours early on in the meal...)
we ordered way too much food, which we realized after the waiter shook his head at us in disgust at the amount of food we had ordered (shouldn't he have been happy?)

look Dad they have your plates - the exact same ones!
the food was delicious and we ate till we were all stuffed. although I must mention I did wake up the next day covered in hives that looked like welts and they didn't go down for about a week... (consider yourself warned)

then, on with the show
it was hard to get a good shot of the stage (and apparently frowned upon also) but it was just so cute (as were the 2 teenage lovebirds in front of me)
and the kids in the play were quite impressive too

after the show we decided to walk through the christmas in the park carnival (or "christmas puke" as Bryce called it)
and I had some fun with my camera and the long exposure

outdoor skating with palm trees... only in California...

ok, so I might have had a slight obsession with this one...

and then to finish the night off nicely we found some drunken santas who were literally holding each other up! I wish this photo turned out better - but still funny :)

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