Thursday, January 7, 2010

1 tamale, 2 tamales, that's a lot of tamales...

On Christmas eve Melita and Cody hosted a wonderful Tamale party, which was lots of fun! and as I had never even eaten a tamale before this a great learning experience too :)

Basically you get a corn husk that has been soaked in water and spread a layer of masa, which is a dough made from cornmeal, then load it full of goodies like pulled pork, beef, chicken, chillies, and cheese etc. fold it into a wrap style and fold the end up

then into the steamer for a while
we sipped on delicious red and white sangria while we waited
had a quick cuddle with Charlotte
tried on Houston's specs
which I think suit Houston most...
what do you think?
Cody modelled Melita's new sunnies
Taylor was a master at the Tamale making process and I think took the record for making the most tamales
are they ready yet?

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