Tuesday, December 1, 2009

our other new house

We have been looking at campervans for a while (some more obsessively than others... Bryce) and last week we finally bought one
She's a 1982 VW Westfalia Vanagon complete with a double bed (2 actually) a fridge, a stove and a sink. The top pops up and it has a sunroof (talk about luxury), and when you're ready for bed the curtains wrap all the way round to make it super cozy and private.
It's a diesel engine that has been converted so you can run it on vegetable oil - we just need to go and make friends with the local hamburger joint, so we can get free fuel!
She needs some cleaning up and some interior decoration as the last guy that owned it was a bit of a self-professed artist and total hippy - but with some good ideas (like eat more kale)
and nicknamed her the Orange Blossom Special
We have plans to turn her from a greasy smelling, dirty mismatched hippy-mobile to a stylishly comfy home on wheels that can take us all over the country... I've already started crocheting a funky blanket for the bed :)
We took her out for her first trip to Portland for Thanksgiving on the weekend and had our first sleep over at Mt Ashland
How many hotels along hwy 5 give you views like this one!


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