Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Dinner with Friends

Kate and Bryce had us over for Christmas dinner along with Hannah and her brother Paul. We started with Bryce's fabulous beet risotto (I need the recipe!) and Hannah's beef ribs.Kate decorated the table beautifully!
Then we opened our presents
and then had dinner. Kate and Bryce made this delicious beef roast with a glistening, succulent mushroom gravy. Cody and I woke up the next day wishing we had stolen some for sandwiches.
we also had sweet potatoes - YUM
Hasselback potatoes - crispy and delicious!
then we took a break before dessert and played Cranium while Hannah rested with the dogs.
and finally we had dessert. I chose the pumpkin pie with a huge dallop of cream.

This was a wonderful and fun Christmas and I can't wait til next year's feast!!

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