Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving at 642

I can't find the camera Kate gave me and the other camera only has 15MB of storage which is about 5 pictures (all of Charlotte) so I'm glad Derek was on hand with his camera to capture some of the feast. Next year we'll be sure to get better pictures of the delicious Thanksgiving food! I'll also try and post some recipes although it could take while since I always cook from memory and don't have anything written down. This year we had two turkey's. Cody smoked one in the smoker (his first turkey!) and I gave up on butterflying mine as I had planned and just threw the whole thing into the oven like I normally do. Cody's mom seemed a little shocked when I said it would be done in 2 hours. She asked how it could cook so quickly and that's when she noticed I had the temperature set at 500. I cook pretty much everything at 400 and above which is a total time saver if you ever want to try it yourself. This year's menu was 2 turkeys, mashed potatoes, the BEST gravy ever invented (I finally nailed it this year!), traditional stuffing, corn & bread pudding, no cranberry sauce this year since I'm the only one who ever eats it so I used left over IKEA lingonberry jam, green bean casserole, and butternut squash. Lise and Derek brought desserts to add to Dee Dee's apple and pear tart. SO yummy! I had so much stuff leftover that I've spent the last 3 days making soups: Ginger, carrot, and coconut soup, turkey and vegetable, Papa Pomodoro, and French Onion. I hope everyone else had as delicious a Thanksgiving this year!

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