Thursday, November 5, 2009

Special Van Friends?

Vans in the sand
Magical sunset
Kate and Bryce have been shopping around for the perfect VW bus and today I started looking online at a variety of camper van sites to see what they were all about. At I found this link to a camper van calendar contest and fell in love with the idea of travelling all around in a camper van of my own! My great-uncle Reese actually did exactly that when he was about 65 years old and my great-aunt Lidy was about 70. They sold their house in Cupertino and headed off to Europe where they bought a van in Amsterdam and spent over a year driving all around Europe and living on the road. I'll look for the pictures from that trip so you can see them too. These vans are pretty cool so maybe Bryce and Kate will end up with us as their camper van friends and we can throw the kids in the van for roadtrips.

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