Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sliders with the lot

after my post on aussie hamburgers with the lot, and eating these delicious sliders the other night with Cody and Melita, and then Christina's comment about beetroot I decided it was time to make some home made aussie burgers. so, on Saturday night we had a little celebration for Christina's birthday and I made 'Aussie Sliders with the lot' which was quite the architectural undertaking.
Make mini burger patties out of some ground beef, an egg (to help it stick together) and some mixed herbs and pepper and salt. Barbeque them on the bbq.

Stack the burger patty, cheese, grilled onions, tomato sauce (ketchup), bacon, quarter of a fried egg (this bit was messy), sliced tomato, sliced pickled beetroot, grilled pineapple, and lettuce on the slightly toasted mini burger buns. Stab them with a skewer to keep it from toppling over and eat!

we then followed our mini burgers with mini cakes (it was a mini kinda night)

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