Friday, November 6, 2009

internet + shopping = true love

Have I mentioned how much I love shopping online?

it is kind of ironic that I have worked for a large tech company for almost 6 years now, and yet have only recently gotten into the whole online shopping thing... when we were in Canada it was a bit of a pain as everything that came from the US had to go through customs and there were delays and extra charges that it was just never really worth it... and then you had to be there when the package arrived or they'd take it back to the depot and you'd wait another few days for them to bring it to you...

now we've lived in California for almost 2 years and I have only just recently cottoned onto the idea... since moving into our new house, online shopping has opened up a whole new world to me... it started with my sexy washer and dryer that I got so much cheaper buying online (even with them being shipped all the way across the country) and then there was the dishwasher that I got a great deal on and next we are looking for a new fridge. I don't know if it's living in Sillicon Valley, but it just seems like the norm around here and oh so easy!

These days I do most of my clothes shopping online also, as the idea of going to the mall and trying things on in those nasty, badly lit dressing rooms just appeals to me less and less, and the fact that I can shop around while sitting here in my trackpants and uggs and get some great deals, I mean why would you want to go to the mall???

Here are the things that I bought online this week :)

I also bought custom cushion inserts after searching 4 different stores (the old fashioned way and not being able to find the size I wanted), some biking socks for Bryce and then there's my netflix which is just awesome and I encourage you all to try :)

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  1. Ooh, I love all these items but especially that top jacket!! xoxo


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