Friday, November 13, 2009

hockey night

Hannah and I went to watch a game of hockey last night, which I must say, I find surprisingly fun! I am not really into watching sports, (or participating in sports for that matter) but hockey is actually an entertaining sport to watch - it's fast, there's lots of action, there's punch-ups, and then there's the 'oooh ahhhh' moments from the crowd...

It's quite amazing to watch those guys maneuver so well on the ice, while holding a stick, dodging each other and hitting a tiny black puck around... the game moves so fast it's really hard to keep up with what's going on... luckily the crowd totally gets into it, so I could tell by their reaction :PI really liked the zambonis and think it would be cool to get to ride on one... we were at the Shark Tank - could you tell???
I do not, however, like the hockey fashions! I guess they keep their heads warm though...

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