Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friday night fun (drunk) times

a few weeks ago while Mike (Bryce's brother) was here from Chile, we decided to relive the Melita & Kate's World Tour of San Jose since we had so much fun and silliness the last time...

it was also the day I had my make-up done at MAC (which took forever) so I was late getting home to pick up Bryce and we missed the first country, Cuba (Melita will have to tell you about that stop)

We met Cody and Melita in Germany and were excited to get a seat in the beer garden, until we realised they were not playing the same tunes as last time... we were surrounded by couples on dates listening to jazz :( the best part about this place last time was the great band all dressed in costume and the lively dancing and drinking crowd - we were thoroughly disappointed, I mean it was october in germany, and no oktoberfest celebrations???
so we decided to drown our sorrows with some massive 1 litre beers
this beer even made cody who is 6'2" or something look small...
I just wanted my photo taken with it...
Mike looks like he's about to fall asleep in his...
we had some delicious german cuisine, I had stroganoff and mash potato and some scary sauerkraut stuff
we played this joke on Mike who read this piece of paper so loud with such conviction, we all just laughed... yes we were drunk and we are children, not 30 something adults...
after dinner we were on to England to Trials Pub, which was much more crowded than last time, so it was a short stop here, but I did get a shot of this cool helmet :)
then we walked for what seemed like hours
and decided to scrap the whole 'world' tour, since it was not living up to our first go round... we decided to go play some pool
and after a quick stop at the bar
and some tequila shots
we got comfy at the pool hall
some more comfortable than others...
and bryce were playing for real (this shot was taken after bryce sunk the black off the break - which meant he won on the first shot...)
while others were just playing around
my personal strategy is one of slam it and see if it goes in
and then distract the other player so they miss...
cheers christina
self portrait time brian & christina
kate & cody
some arty shots
some not so arty...
mike, still sleeping...
ok forget pool, let's just take silly photos...
we're funny...
cody & brian having 'a moment'
brian trying to scare cody with 'the hand'?
cody looks scared... :P
you decide what was happening here...
take 2
yeah - Kate ROCKS!!!
some bad self portrait on very dirty mirror...
hey boys - oh look Mike finally awake!
cool lighting shots
the bar
christina's pirate inpersonation?
1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3
cheers (see the tequila's waiting for us in the corner)
not sure what was happening here - but obviously too much drinking!
love me a photo opportunity with some security guards :)
another failed attempt at a mirrored self portrait...
we found these guys which we ran into on the last world tour of san jose, and christina wanted to reenact my version of this photo
I had to show her how it was done...
and then we found the lavender - and they wouldn't believe me when I told them how nice it is to lay in, so I talked them into trying it :)
see, it's lovely to lay in the lavender...


  1. so good. so good.

    i need to start coming down to sj more often! this is my kind of drunk fun! and, the pictures are not as scary as i thought they might be :)

    mmm...i can still smell that lavender...

  2. 1. Wouldn't Cody have to sink the black for Bryce to win on the first shot?

    2. Is the art on the building walls by Matt Furie? He's the guy that did "Feels Good Man".

  3. Anonymous, please don't get technical on my re pool, as I do suck at it and don't really know the rules (except the one where if you don't sink a ball you have to do a nudie run around the table...) but Bryce basically won on the first shot (however that happens...

    As for the art, I am not sure it's Matt's, but I like his work! thanks :)


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