Thursday, November 5, 2009

and let the wedding planning begin...

it's funny now that Bryce and I are engaged how people want answers, and they want them now! how did he ask you? what's the ring like? when is the date? where will you get married??? it's all quite dizzying since we hadn't really thought about all this and still don't know all the answers... but here are some pictures of weddings I like, to satisfy the curious and get us in the mood :)

time and place to be advised...


  1. Ah yes... the wedding planning, such a fun yet stressful time!! The whole secret is to not let anyone knowing what you are doing until you have made the decision and made the deposit ;)

  2. Hello my lovely Maffryn... I am so so so thrilled for you... I should get on facebook more often to know these things! Now that I know where you blog, I can keep in touch more hey??!

  3. Why hello there stranger! yep, here you can find out all about what I am up to :P How are you?


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