Tuesday, October 27, 2009

this is what I feel like for dinner...


  1. Post from my Dad:

    Indeed that it is. See how the lettuce is finely chopped - sliced
    beetroot tomato thinly sliced - minced meet patty not too lean - Tomato sauce - (Bugger that BBQ stuff). Egg and bacon as an extra - that's OK but cheese and pineapple Nah!

    It's interesting that this hamburger is the NSW version, other states are
    gradually catching up though. (they're always dragging their feet)

    But the bun has to be toasted only on the inside but only buttered on
    the top part. Notice the sequence of each ingredient as they go on the
    bun -essential!

    If it's a good one there will always be those telltale signs - like juice
    all over your hands and face and bits of lettuce all over your lap.


  2. sounds and looks like a carl's jr. ad.

  3. oh Christina, you have so much to learn... this is nothing like a carl's jnr burger! that is just blasphemy!


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