Monday, October 5, 2009

Short trip to Half Moon Bay

On Sunday Cody and I took Gino with us for a visit to Skansen's Kennel so we could meet our puppy for the first time. On the way up Cody asked if I had made an appointment, which I had not and when we called they were too busy to have us come by. It was disappointing, but also good that we didn't waste 2 hours driving up to Sebastapol only to have to turn around and come home. As we headed back home I took a little detour to Half Moon Bay since Cody has never been before and I thought Gino would like going to the beach. Unfortunately, the traffic was a joke and we ended up turning around on 92 and heading back home. Along the way back we stopped at the Half Moon Bay Nursery where we looked at thousands of beautiful plants and flowers. I'm definitely coming back here when it comes time to do our back yard. My favorite plants are the succulents and vegetables. Before we left I picked out a variety of tulips bulbs to plant in the yard after Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see how the turn out.

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