Monday, October 5, 2009

The Renaissance Faire

Eating a turkey leg!
Boobs and chocolate covered cheesecake.
Very tasty
Glass ornaments.
Cody refusing to give me money to hear my fortune read :(
Patterns for henna tatoos.
" Let's go look at feather ticklers."
Speaking of feathers....look! An owl!
He had the most incredible orange eyes.
Puppet shooting gallery. I shot one in the head with a musket.
Lizard food! I handed the camera off to one of the kids in the
petting zoo so I'd have a good close-up of their squirmy cuteness.
So after we came home from our visit to the nursery along Highway 92 in Half Moon Bay we came home, dropped the dog off, and headed south to the Renaissance Faire at Casa de Fruta. We made it to the faire around 2:00pm and immediately went to the food court since we were starving. After a quick circuit to see the different foods we both decided on the turkey leg which I covered in salt and a delicious barbecue sauce. It was a mess to eat, but very tasty and we also tried the goat cheese stuffed deep fried artichoke hears from the same place, but those were unimpressive. We headed off to each get a cold beverage (beer for C and wine for me) bought a chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick to share and wandered off through the faire. Along the way we found a row of tarot card readers and psychics. I begged and begged Cody to give me money for a reading, but he refused to shell out $20 and we continued on our way. He did however shell out $2 for me to shoot a puppet in the head with a BB gun and also bought me more wine, so all was well. We continued walking around stopping at a few of the performances and looking a the amazing vendors selling all kinds of handmade stuff. We tried out a pair of leather handcuffs and considered buying a feather tickler, but in the end decided no. There were many, many pairs of heaving bosoms for Cody to admire and I helpfully pointed out the more impressive ones so he wouldn't miss a thing. After about couple of hours we ran out of money from drinking and decided to head home and after one last quick peek at the maggot platter in the reptile petting zoo. We'll definitely be back next year since the Renaissance Faire is now one of our favorite traditions.

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  1. sounds like an interesting/fun day. the turkey leg photo, might be on my top 5 favorite ever!!! lol


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