Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our new baby

Cody, Gino and I made a trip up to Sebastapol today and got to meet Charlie Dax for the first time. When the kennel manager carried her out in her arms and then handed her over to me I burst into tears and didn't want to let go. Our new puppy is so sweet, cuddly and just plain gorgeous I just love, love, love her. She still has her natural ears and is just about the cutest pup ever invented. We played with her for about 45 minutes while her mom, Freedom, unwaveringly watched us from her kennel. As soon as Charlie was returned Freedom checked her out completely and gave her a few kisses just to make sure everything was ok. What a great mom! We also got to meet Gatsby, Charlie's dad, who was so beautiful and what a sweet temperament. He was super cuddly and surprisingly young - he's about a year old, but pretty much full grown. We'll be back to visit Charlie and family next weekend and are counting the days until we get to bring her home.

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