Wednesday, October 21, 2009

happy birthday Johno

My little brother is 27 today... which makes me feel old geesh! and honestly, he's not that little... at 6ft 2'ish I think he stole from my height department... but eh what can you do... he's the quiet brooding type, but once you start him talking is full of random yet funny facts :)

He wanted to be a train when he grew up (yes a train, not a train driver) , and for about a month would not take the batman mask my dad made him from a wine cask bladder off his head and smelled like fruity white wine...

Hope you're having a great day Johno!
here he is scoring free wine at the Gin Garden at the swanky Establishment Pub in Sydney


  1. Thanks for your well wishes. For the audience's consideration, my bum only looks that big because I'm leaning on the bar.

  2. Posting this from my Dad, because he is a little technologically retarded (no offense Dad) :P

    27- I got married at 27 and your mother was pregnant with you. I had
    finished my trade course as an electrical fitter and mechanic and had
    completed two years national Service in the Army by then.

    Funny how times change. Perhaps you did not notice the gym boots he is wearing in these photos - they're the ones I bought him when we were over there. Like his Batman mask I don't think he ever takes them off very often either!

    I think you summed him up pretty much for I would have said the same but I wouldn't swap him for any other - nor you for that matter.

    Luv ya mate! Luv you's all.



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