Monday, October 26, 2009

fleet week in the city

I'm a bit behind in my blog posts here, just been so busy doing stuff to sit down and write about it all... anyway a few weeks ago Bryce's mum, Cathy and Gene came to visit us for the week which just happened to be Fleet week, so we headed up to the city to Fisherman's Wharf to watch the planes fly over the bay
we grabbed a quick bite to eat
and headed to the waterfront
to see the planes
and waited for the Blue Angels
(Bryce, me, Mike, Gene, Cathy & Andres)
I found some very young sailors to snap a pic with
I think they were cadets
found some cute kids
saw this boat capsize
not sure what these ones were called but I loved the red white and blue smoke they shot out
the Blue Angels made a very brief show and then cancelled due to fog...

which was disappointing, but some didn't seem to mind either way...
so we headed to the pub instead!
Cathy and I had a quick shot with the fireries
and then did the touristy thing
(Gene, Cathy, Bryce)
and after watching a guy propose to his girlfriend in front of a whole bunch of people at Pier 39 we headed out to dinner
at the Stinking Rose
a garlic restaurant
I had the fish, which of course came with copious amounts of garlic
saw an angel
and then headed home...

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