Wednesday, October 7, 2009

cooper and mckenzie

getting a second doggy was a big decision for us. with us both working full time and our love of getting on a plane as often as possible to explore other lands we worried about the time commitment not to mention the doubling of vet fees, puppy sitting fees, food bills and so on (Cooper only gets the best of everything...)

then there was Cooper and his take on the whole situation, since he's spent the first 4.5 years of his life as an 'only child' (and that's 31 in dog years) and he's usually more of a people person than into other dogs these days we weren't sure how he would react. we'd never even been to the shelter because I knew as soon as we did we'd have another dog... we were so on the fence for so long...

I must admit once we got McKenzie home and she was waking us up at 3am to let her out to pee and then when I caught her shaking my latest pair of cute silver leather flats violently trying to kill them like they were attacking her - a rush of 'what did I get us into' feeling came over me... there's the potty training, and those razor sharp puppy teeth that she wants to sink into everything and anything, and trying to walk them both at once by yourself as they both pull in either direction is a very slow process... but at the end of the day when they both fall down on their respective pillows exhausted after hours of chasing and wressling, snoring softly with that peacefully contented look on their faces I am ever so happy we took the leap! :)

this is how I caught them the other day while I was making coffee... she was eating his face with those razor teeth and he was letting her...

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