Tuesday, September 1, 2009

take a hike

Sunday morning we jumped in the car and after a quick stop at Starbuck's we were on our way to the Steven's Creek County park. There is this great little creek that meanders along and Coop couldn't wait to get in the water. Here is a funny video we took of him playing fetch - I title it Pure Stubbornness!

The log must have weighed more than him...

Once he was thoroughly saturated we headed across the road to the trail which was much steeper than I had imagined... but once at the top it was well worth the sweat.


  1. tooo funny.. kate you've regained your aussie slang after a trip home :)

    did you guys ever get our card?

    Hope all is well there.. OJ x

  2. Hey there, yeah mate, gotta keep up the lingo :P

    Yes! Thanks for the card, it arrived while I was 'down under' and Bryce forgot to show me...


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