Sunday, September 13, 2009

sweet inspiration

it's been almost 3 months since we moved into our new house and it feels like we've hardly scratched the surface with the renovations - the list is just so long and every time we turn around there is something else to be added to the list... honestly it is so overwhelming just trying to figure out where to begin. we've been planning and researching and making many many lists, but I am really looking forward to the fun part - the decorating!

we've been living with the bare essentials in the house with everything else in storage in the garage, but I am just dying for some colour, some fabrics, some paintings, vases, plants any decoration and today I found the inspiration I've been looking for in the lounge room.

picture the fireplace boxed in all the way to the ceiling, rendered clean and smooth and painted white with the flat screen tv hanging on it, the ceiling glossy white, (minus the hideous fan), with either some modern looking track lighting or some down lights set in, the floors all sanded back to make the oak shine again, the walls a softer white with one feature wall in an earthy green colour, our mocha couches, the teal rug, a glossy white mid century modern simple coffee table, this cushion mixed with lot of other funky patterns, and rich silk curtains (colour to be decided) on the windows... think rich, lush, sleek mid century modern... what do you think?

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