Monday, September 14, 2009

Mono Hot Springs

Here is one of the many beautiful views from our site.We were right on the banks of this little river.
The view to the right of camp. The hot springs were on the other side of the river,
but Cody and I preferred to go the long way around through the marshes.
Adam preparing the first morning's breakfast:
Sausage, eggs, and cheese that we rolled in tortillas. Yummy!!
Chopper waiting patiently for some breakfast.
Jen also waiting patiently.
This is what breakfast looked like in the pot.
And this is what it looked like in my tortilla!
The massage house where I went for the massage Cody got for me as a surprise.
The lady was a little strange but gave a good, rough massage.
The restaurant where we'll try the buffalo reubens next year.
The general store where they had cool books and 4$ bags of marshmallows.
Here is a break down of what we were soaking in all weekend.
Only trace amounts of arsenic!
I love the digital macro function!
Cody, Adam, and Izzy.
Diana and Kathy enjoying our beautiful river-side view which, for once,
did not have our very annoying neighbors lurking in our spot.
The start of the trail to Doris Lake where Cody and I hiked on Saturday.
Again with the digital macro!
Remember: When you hike do not forget to bring something to drink.
In Cody's case his drink was 32 ounces of rum and coke.

The very steep and rocky trail. Straight uphill.
"Wassup?"Doris Lake where we climbed up these rocks to take in the view and
watch a family drown in the water. Seriously, none of them could swim.
More of the lake.
Eggshells in the campfire.

Cody and I made it up to Mono Hot Springs on Friday to stay with Adam & Diana, Jen & Jason, and Kathy & Greg. After driving for a couple of hours from Fresno along a very scary, bumpy, one lane road we made it to Mono Hot Springs and were very happy to see our beautiful campsite! Adam and Diana had staked out a place in a 12 person site that was right on the tiny river. After relaxing for awhile, we set up our tent and then headed out with everyone to the hot springs. We stayed in the hot springs for several hours everyday and everynight. So. Awesome. Diana says this is going to be a yearly event and we can't wait to go again!

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