Thursday, September 3, 2009

Monday Night Dinner with Robert and Julie

Thanks to the magic of Face Book I am now in touch with lots of old friends who I have missed over the years. Robert is one of my very best friends who I met when we worked at Check-x-Change waaaaay back when and was then roommates with for a couple of years until we both moved on. Me to Barcelona and Robert to Portland and then on the Canada where he now lives with his husband, Jason. Julie is another great friend who I was very sad to lose touch with but who is now back in touch and living in Brooklyn with he husband, Pete, and their gorgeous daughter, Violet. They both happened to be in town last week and I invited them over Monday night for dinner. I am so lame I took pictures of the food but not of them! Next time I will make sure I take some pictures of the people and not just of the dinner. We had skirt steak with a green herb sauce, sea bass cooked in lime juice, heirloom tomatoes w/fresh mozzarella, basil & toasted bread, creamy polenta, sage w/crispy sage, mushrooms w/thyme and truffle oil, asparagus roasted w/lemon, lots of wine, and sorbet w/peaches for dessert. I can't wait to see my friends again! I think Julie and Pete may stay with us when they come back to CA in December and I hope to visit Robert one of these days.
Here's my favorite question of the night:
Julie: "Do you still drink in the bathtub?"
Me: "Yes, I do."
I love you guys!

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