Wednesday, September 9, 2009

happy campers

We had a wonderful time getting back to nature this weekend for the Labour Day Long Weekend.
We packed up the car, the canoe and started our drive north east...
luckily traffic was pretty good
Coop found the most comfy place to pass out - my pillow...
and after 6 hours we made it to Lassen Volcanic National Park
after another 30 mins we came to this sign... which was not a good sign... the campground we were headed to was a first come first serve, no reservations camping spot, and according to this sign it was full up. we decided to try our luck and headed down this bumpy road for the next hour...
but luck was on our side and this gorgeous spot right on the water was vacant so we set up camp
while Cooper just sat back took in the view...
and tested the water of course...
we collected some firewood and got the fire started as it was quite chilly
and made a gourmet dinner
which we had with sangria, why of course...
we sat around the fire and played with my camera...
and the fire... before heading off to our comfy tent.
these shots were taken at some unknown early hour when Cooper decided to wake us up
full moon, lit up the sky
and the wind was whipping the clouds past so fast (my favourite shots are here)

Day 2 and we wake to see Coop is waiting patiently for us to let him out of the tent... we thought that he would have figured out the zipper, but nope :)
not a bad view to wake up to eh?
the lake was like glass
so after a quick breakie
we set out in the canoe for the other side of the lake
Cooper's not happy to sit in the boat, he must be on the highest most dangerous point... not sure how he does it???
here is the canoe on the other side of Lake Juniper. not sure what button I pressed on the camera to make these few black and white, but I like it - kinda gives it an Ansel Adams feel :P

and we're off to Inspiration Point
Bryce and Coop almost at the top
another lake on the other side of the mountain. you can see why it is the volcanic national park
there is snow on the top of that mountain, no wonder it was so cold...
our lake (Juniper)

360 degree views from up here
back at camp and tired now

just chillin'
just couldn't get enough of the view

my two favourite boys

my favourite man :*
after chilling out for a while we took a couple of glasses of wine, the camera and decided to try and walk the length of the lake
Coop loved exploring, and chasing chipmunks
I found this cool pine cone

self portrait
gorgeous sunset!

Day 3 and somebody's tired... he was happy to actually sit in the boat...

we just took a quick trip around the lake

trying to show the colour of the water here, it was such a brilliant blue!
show off! (I thought for sure he'd fall in, but nope)

Coop being a mummy's boy - time to go home now...

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