Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can your face handle the cuteness?

Well, we finally did it (sort of) and are getting a new dog. After months of arguing, debating, and lots of indecision I caved in and agreed to get a puppy from a breeder. I had wanted to adopt any one of many beautiful dogs, but for one reason after another none of the animals I found were suitable. Cody's heart was completly broken when Ezree died this February and he hasn't been able to get past his desire to have another Giant Schnauzer. Making the decison to get a puppy required a lot of compromise on my end, but to be truthful, I have always loved the Giants and never really feel complete at home without my little devils, so I called Skansen Kennel two days ago and found out that there are two litters that will be available by the beginning of December. I actually got to speak to Sylvia, who has been my aunt's breeder for about 20 years and she sent me some pictures of the 5 week old puppies along with picture of the sire. I sent a deposit in and now we just have to suffer through about 3 months of puplessness before we can bring her home.

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